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Optimizing price and messaging for children’s glue product.

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After a small durable goods company works to develop a new glue product targeted toward children, they need to determine the optimal price and messaging for the product launch.


Three key objectives are set:

1. Determine the most salient product benefits.
Perform research to pinpoint product benefits that resonate most with the target consumer and determine how to best communicate those benefits on the packaging.

2. Understand consumer price expectations.
Find out what the consumer is willing to pay for a product in this category and set the launch price accordingly.

3. Test packaging design to best motivate consumers.
Utilize research to create two package designs and test with a group of target consumers to determine which design best grabs their attention and makes a positive connection.


For this project, the primary service required will be:

Research Services (link to more info below)

Quality research is the foundation on which successful marketing decisions are made.  The Research Services contract is tailored to the specific project objectives to create a comprehensive base of knowledge.

For this project, there are clearly defined objectives and the purpose of the research is simple: identify the optimal price point and develop packaging to highlight product benefits in a motivating way. In-person focus groups are conducted to make initial choices, and quantitative studies are used to confirm those choices (see METHODOLOGIES listed below).

In addition to Research Services, this project also requires:

Advisory Services (link to more info below)

The durable goods company receives insight and recommendations to make their product launch a success. A simple 6-month Advisory Services contract gives company leadership access to research expertise as the team moves from product launch to customer retention and future growth.


This project requires a combination of In-Person Focus Groups and Quantitative Studies:

  • In-Person Focus Groups
    The initial research is conducted face-to-face with a small group of 15-20 women falling within the target consumer group. They are able to see, feel, and use the actual product while giving feedback as to what price they would pay, what features they like/don’t like, and what would make them buy it over the big name brands. From this research, initial decisions are made for the launch including price point and package design.
  • Quantitative Consumer Studies
    Based on the choices made from the focus group, package designs and key messaging are developed and presented to a larger group of target consumers for feedback. This group also responds to the price point chosen by the focus group.


(Due to the confidential nature of research projects and client agreements in force, specific results cannot be shared. Outcomes have been synthesized based on an amalgam of results from similar projects.)

The screeners find an ideal group of moms for the focus group and the results are remarkable. Not only do they provide invaluable insight as to what features and benefits should be communicated on the package, but they also give the moderator marketing ideas, other product ideas, and valuable pricing feedback. The follow up quantitative research verifies everything the focus group says and further focuses in on the optimal package and price for launch.

In addition to identifying the most compelling package design and pricing for launch, the research helps clarify the high order benefit for moms and children (independence) and how the product features add to that benefit.

The launch of the new product is a success and the product gains immediate attention from key retailers. The distribution channels expand rapidly and mommy-bloggers have nothing but great things to say about the product.

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