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Analytics enhances marketing to expand customer base for beauty supplier.

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A prominent provider of beauty supplies wishes to widen its customer base and expand market share. To do so profitably, it must seek new customers by better understanding their existing ones.


Two key objectives are set:

1. Enhance understanding of existing customers.
While the existing customer base has been solid and steady, the market is quickly getting more competitive. Develop a detailed demographic and psychographic profile of the client’s current consumer with a concentration on what draws teens and adult women and keeps them loyal to the brand.

2. Increase customer base and market share.
Prescribe actions that will allow the company to adapt products, marketing, operations, and brand to attract and maintain their customer of the future thereby increasing its customer base and market share.


For this project, the primary service required is:

Analytics Services (link to more info below)

Deep analysis of the company’s existing customer data gives a thorough understanding of the current customer base and what motivates women to purchase the brand’s products. Purchasing data tells what the existing consumers are likely to buy in the future.

But the true value to the company comes through the “prescriptive” aspect of the Analytics Services. The analytics team predicts future female consumer behavior, identifies emerging trends, and develops detailed personas for the company’s female consumer of the future. This information is synthesized and specific suggested courses of action are developed to address likely market shifts.

With these valuable insights generated through analytics, the client also requires:

Advisory Services (link to more info below)

Advisory Services works directly with company leadership and key personnel to apply the insights gained through analytics and maximize marketing efforts. The Advisory Services team provides impetus and counsel as the company implements the prescribed courses of action. The company gains immediate expert advice, the ability to react at a moment’s notice, and flexibility to adapt strategies to best meet the consumers’ expectations.


Three specific analytic/research methodologies are required:

    • External Data Append & Analysis
      Demographic, socioeconomic, and behavior/lifestyle attributes (from an external compiled consumer database) are applied to the client’s mail, customer, and other data files. Key characteristics of the client’s current customers are generated based on high-level correlation, segmentation, and clustering analyses resulting in an in-depth profile of the client’s existing customer base.


    • Predictive Response Modeling
      By properly combining the client’s data files, a regression-based, predictive response model is constructed. This statistical model is integrated into the company’s marketing infrastructure to identify prospective customer “types” who are most likely to respond to specific products, promotions, price points, and messages.[The effectiveness these models depends heavily upon expertise in many areas including – calculating the appropriate sample size, isolating a population for model validation, understanding and transforming potential attributes, choosing the optimal attribute selection method, adjusting for intercorrelation and overfitting, and accurately measuring the model’s effectiveness and incremental value.]


  • Targeted Marketing & Analytic Reporting
    Members of an externally-compiled database of prospects are scored through the predictive response model and ranked according to their likelihood to respond to the company’s offerings. Marketing strategy is shifted to focus more heavily on prospect groups that display the highest rates of response. Useful reporting metrics are developed and monitored to measure the effectiveness of all associated marketing efforts.


(Due to the confidential nature of research projects and client agreements in force, specific results cannot be shared. Outcomes have been synthesized based on an amalgam of results from similar projects.)

The analysis of external consumer data yields valuable insights and enhanced understanding of the company’s customer base. Based on the predictive modeling, a shift in marketing strategy is recommended to include a consumer group that the company has never before considered. This new consumer group becomes very loyal since the client has adapted to accommodate their expectations.

Consequently, a modest increase in market share is achieved, coupled with a substantial increase in the company’s customer base.

The company requests analytic support on an ongoing basis to ensure that leadership and key personnel fully understand the predictive model, its application, and its role within the company’s constantly progressing overall marketing strategy.

Do a deep dive on your company’s existing customer data to gain a thorough understanding of your numbers and the true story they actually tell.
Work with our women-focused experts to turn your research insights into concrete actions and maximize results by applying that knowledge throughout your organization.
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