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Introducing a probiotics company to its core consumer.

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To increase sales and customer loyalty, the leadership of a probiotics company seeks to connect emotionally with their primary customer. But to do that, they realize they must first understand her.


Three key objectives are set:

1. Establish a buyer’s persona.
Create an in-depth profile of the product’s primary consumer and detail how she thinks, acts, and makes decisions.

2. Define key messaging.
Determine which messages resonate most with the primary consumer and how messaging can connect most effectively with her.

3. Determine the most effective sales channels.
Find the places where the company can best reach and deliver the product message to its primary consumer.


For this project, the primary service required is:

Research Services (link to more info below)

Quality research is the foundation on which successful marketing decisions are made.  The Research Services contract is tailored to the specific project objectives to create a comprehensive base of knowledge.

For this project, research gathers information from target consumers to determine how they feel about probiotics and what emotional drivers compel them to choose one brand over another (see METHODOLOGIES listed below).

In addition to Research Services, this project also requires:

Advisory Services (link to more info below)

Using data and insights gained through research, Advisory Services offers a wide range of consulting that extends beyond the research contract and provides the probiotics company with the counsel and advice of research experts. A simple 6-month Advisory Services contract gives company leadership access to research expertise as the team increases customer growth and retention.


The advanced research tools chosen for this project are:

  • X-Periential Research Panel

Nationwide participants include a mix of current, lapsed, prospective, and non-users of the client’s product. Each respondent is directed to log into the system twice per day for two consecutive days to answer questions from the Discussion Guide and prompts from the Moderator.

  • Moderated Video Interviews

Select participants from the online group, chosen by the Moderator, are prompted to offer additional insights into the mind of the product’s core consumer.


(Due to the confidential nature of project, and client agreements in force, specific results cannot be shared. Outcomes have been synthesized based on an amalgam of results from similar projects.)

The objectives are met. A face and a name are put to the company’s core customer. Key characteristics are discovered including a list of the crucial information she seeks when deciding which probiotics brand to buy for herself and her family. The research team takes the insights gained and makes summary recommendations as to how this deeper understanding of the core customer can and should be used to influence the development of marketing messages, consumer profiling, website development, sales strategies, distribution alignment, and more. Company leadership works with the Advisory team to ensure that they fully understand the implications and applications of the research as they launch new marketing efforts, new web sites, and other initiatives.

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