Nature packs a punch.

Determining the best packaging for an all-natural product.

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To launch a new, all-natural food/beverage product, a large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturing company needs to find the most effective design for the packaging.


Three key objectives are set:

1. Establish top buyers’ personas.
Through research, discover the most loyal and profitable female consumers, and develop an in-depth profile of the top three personas.

2. Ensure that design delivers key messaging.
Determine which package designs communicate the product’s primary benefits – all-natural, unique, etc. – and resonate most with the top buyer personas.

3. Ensure optimal package size and design.
Determine which designs and sizes are most appealing to top buyer personas and are most likely to compel buying decisions.


For this project, the primary service required will be:

Research Services (link to RESEARCH SERVICES page)

Quality research is the foundation on which successful marketing decisions are made. The Research Services contract is tailored to the specific project objectives to create a comprehensive base of knowledge.

For this project, research is executed to generate real-time feedback from members of the target persona groups regarding packaging size, design, and emotional messaging. Real-time feedback enables the company’s design team to modify package design during the research process. Revised designs are tested against feedback until the packaging most compelling to the target consumer is found.


The research team works in tandem with the design team; the research is interwoven with the design process. As the research participants provide input, the analysts advise the design team, who then make adjustments which are subsequently presented to the research subjects. The following methodologies are used:

  • In-Person Quantitative Surveys
    Face-to-face, on-the-scene surveys are conducted in several primary consumer markets.
  • In-Person Focus Groups
    In different major consumer markets, in-person focus groups are convened and given packaging options to respond to.


(Due to the confidential nature of research projects and client agreements in force, specific results cannot be shared. Outcomes have been synthesized based on an amalgam of results from similar projects.)

Research streamlines decision-making (the consumer TELLS the client what they want) and speeds up the project timeline. The CPG company shaves more than three weeks off the timeline.

All three objectives are met, and the company has a detailed description of their top three most loyal and profitable consumers. It knows what she does and doesn’t like when shopping for food and beverage products – especially when it comes to packaging. This insight will be invaluable to the company for use across all other aspects of their sales and marketing efforts.

The research team, working closely with the design team, is able to deliver the most compelling packaging size and design. This includes a deeper understanding of how certain colors and imagery are able to trigger emotions with their top three target personas.

Uncover deeper, more actionable customer insights to truly understand what motivates women’s purchases by working with the foremost authority in female consumer research.
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