What’s it like to work with Brand X?

We’ll let our clients and partners speak for themselves.

“TJ and his team tailor their research to the way women really think, instead of defaulting to over-linear, traditional approaches. When you want to learn more about how women see your product, your brand, and your company, Brand X delivers really meaningful information and insight that matters.”

– Marti B., Author of Marketing to Women, PrimeTime Women, and Selling to Affluent Women

“I’ve partnered with TJ and the Brand X team on several occasions. Their focus on how to market to women has enabled them to develop such unique, impassioned business acumen. There’s not another firm like them. They are authentically different – so much more than just a market research firm. I have never come across a group of people so adept at empowering women and truly understanding their impact on brands and services. Brand X offers insights AND blind-spots that most of us are missing – and that kind of enlightenment can give market managers the power to communicate and really connect with today’s multi-focused/multi-minded women.”

– Tim T., VP of Marketing Research

TJ Couzens at Brand X Research has provided us with invaluable information and insight into how women view our company and react uniquely to various situations in our industry. He has helped us steer a course to success founded on a deeper understanding of what women find important. Thanks TJ

– Arthur Sanford, President

“In my experience, every Brand X client I speak to raves about the impact TJ Couzens and his team have on their business growth!”

– David P., President

“We needed more than just numbers, we needed the insight and analysis that went with them. And that’s exactly what Brand X gave us. First, they helped us identify our most profitable customer. Then they helped us determine what our best strategic decisions should be… and WHY. You can’t get a more valuable partner than that.”

– Dan K., Marketing Director

“I can’t do my job until I know precisely who I am talking to. And I have never encountered a group so capable of pinpointing a target consumer as Brand X. I’m not just talking traditional demographics – anybody can do that. I’m talking relevant, critical information about who my targets are, what their emotional triggers are, what pet peeves might be altering their perception about my brands, and even what their consumer behavior WILL be like in the future. When you find a resource who can do that for you… you keep them. Wait… I shouldn’t even be telling you this, because if you hire them, then they’ll have less time to do my work! In fact, forget I said any of this. Brand X is mediocre! CRANK CALL! CRANK CALL!”

– Brad D., Strategic Marketing Consultant